50x Clear Individual Square Containers Boxes (Lid with Black Base) For Mini Cakes, Desserts, Takeaway, Party Favors, Sushi and more

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STRONG AND STURDY - These individual plastic containers are made with Heavy Gauge P-5 Plastic which does not bend or fold when holding in your hands. FOOD SAFE BPA FREE - Ideal For Bakery Items like Small/Mini Cakes, Brownies, Sushi, Party Favors and More! CHOICE OF SIZES - 2 Sizes to choose from Small or Large to suite your product need. Please check the size mentioned on image and in the product description. SECURE YOUR FOOD - Golden Adhesive Stickers (Thank You) are included so you cans extra secure close these containers. you can also put your brand and food contents labels on these containers which will make your product look professional. PRODUCT CLARITY - These containers are made with clear plastic so the food contents can be visible to your customer. A excellent product show display.

These individual square plastic containers with black colour base and a clear secure lid. Clear PET material so you can see the contents in the box. This is a very ideal packaging container for Bakery Items like Small/Mini Cakes, Brownies, Sushi, Party Favors, and more. You can put your own brand/product contents labels on these containers to make your brand or product look more professional.

Small Container Size (External Size): 1.77 Inch Total Height (Base+Lid) x 2.76 Inch Lid Width x 2.76 Inch Lid Length
Large Container Size (External Size): 2.36 Inch Total Height (Base+Lid) x 4.92 Inch Lid Width x 4.92 Inch Lid Length

The size mentioned here is approximate only and there may vary slightly. Food Contents shown in the images are for illustration purposes only.