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Very Strong LDPE Polythene Material which does not break or tear easily. Peel and Seal Style with Strong adhesive which cannot be opened without breaking the bag Single Side thickness is 60 Microns which is classed as heavy duty mailing bags These mailing bags are suitable for online businesses shipping small orders as small parcels or large letters

Our designer mailing bags are strong and heavy-duty and made with new LDPE material. Strong self-seals are easy to peel and seal the bags but can only be opened by destroying the bag. These pressure-sealed, self-adhesive envelopes are a new fashionable way to send gifts to your loved ones. Mailing bags are strong and secure and are a very economical way to ship lightweight soft non-fragile goods to your customer. The mailing bags have a peel-off strip that is very sticky that will seal the bag very well. If you have many orders that need to post every day, these plastic mailing bags are perfect for you!

Top-quality poly mailers are tear and puncture-resistant. Even though poly mailers don't offer interior cushioning, they are made to withstand the rigors of the shipping process. Poly mailers are a great choice for their high-strength design that keeps contents secure against moisture, chemicals, tampering, puncturing, and tearing.