Matte Black Open Top Gusset Bags Pouch Mylar Type Heat Sealant Packaging

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Black Front, Black Back, Silver Foil Inside Material: Metallic Foil Mylar - Matte Finish Type: Gusset Bag/Pouch, Tear Notch Thickness: 8c/3.15Mils Smell Free - Suitable For non-perishable or dry food

These black premium mylar type gusset bags are made from high quality polythene and aluminium foil. These are great for storing various things including jewelry, arts and craft projects, accessories, and non-perishable foods or dry food.

Size mentioned is approximate outer size of the bag. Effective size may be 0.1cm-0.3cm shorter than its descriptive size due to there is a little contrast in production. The size mentioned in options box is the outer size of the bags. The Inner size is 1cm less on width side and 0.5cm less on height side. Contents in the bag are show for illustration purpose only.