5D Full Glue Tempered Glass for Apple iPhone Shatter Proof Screen Protector by t-phox

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Surface Hardness - 9H Extremely Hard and Scratch Resistant Round Cutting - 5D Round Edging and Easy bubble free installation Ultra-Clear Screen - Retina and Super HD AMOLED compatible Shatter-Proof - Explosion Proof and Shatter Proof Anti-Finger Prints - Special coating to prevent fingerprints

This 5D Full Glued and Full Coverage Tempered Glass 9H Screen Protector for the iPhone from t-phox offers toughness, high visibility and sensitivity all in one package. The t-phox screen protector is made from a reinforced tempered glass with full glue that maintains perfect image clarity while protecting your phone's screen from scratches and external shock.

Made from Asahi Glass Raw Material which gives a smooth feel and high transmittance touch. Its thin profile gives a very sensitive touch capability for excellent user experience.

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