50x Clear PET Cups Pots with Lids BPA Free Smell Free Strong/Sturdy Secure Close

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Use these 100% Clear PET Plastic Individual Cups w/ Dome Lids For drinks, slush, yougurt, cream, fruit, snack, etc Made with High Quality Fully Recyclable PET Plastic Dome Lids are secure tight on the cup and have round hole for straw or spoons Multi-Purpose Use Individual Cups / Containers BPA Free Smell Free Suitable For Food

These are premium PET Plastic cups with a dome lid that has a cut-out hole for a straw or small spoon. This PET cup can be used for many purposes like drinks, slush, yogurt, cream, fruit, snack, etc

Dimensions are approximate and measured from the outside of the cup. Please note contents (if any) in the cups are shown for illustration purposes only. This is a variation listing. Please choose the correct size and Item Quantity from the options menu.