Triangular Cake/Cheese Slice Container Clear Pod with Black Base BPA/Smell Free

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Clear/Black Food-Safe PET Container for Display in Party or Shop Lightweight and Strong Individual Clear Plastic Containers Black Base and Clear Dome Lid Multipurpose for Food Packaging anything you can fit in this triangular shape container Give your cake / pastry slices a professional look and safety from damage Clear Round Adhesive Stickers are included to extra secure close these containers

Carry your beautiful and delicious pastry/cake slices around with these sturdy individual clear plastic containers. Features a clear dome lid for protecting delicate icings and decorations which hold securely when closed and can be resealed after opening. Great for parties or cake/cheese sales!!

Outer Size 14x10.5cm (5.51x4.13")
Inner Size 11.5x8cm (4.53"x3.15")
Total Height 7cm (2.76"), Base Height 1.5cm (0.59")

Please note contents in the box are shown for illustration purposes only. These containers are designed to hold/carry from the base. To secure the lid with the base you can use the clear round stickers we will provide with these or you can also use Sellotape.